Azerbaijan is a quickly developing country. It has 10 million population. The development also concerns the Real Estate sector in Azerbaijan. Over the last years many companies appeared which serve the citizens by providing Real Estate related services. One of such companies is which is an online catalogue where it is easy to find houses for rent and sale.

How are the prices for houses in Azerbaijan in 2022 ?

There are many factors when it comes to buying a house in Azerbaijan. You should consider such things like: number of rooms, the distance to the metro station, location, when the real estate complex was built and so on. Basic price for 2 room (1 bathroom) house near Qarayev metro station is 145 000 AZN (which is equal to around 80 000 $). Delegation house costs even more, around 300 000 AZN.

How much renting an apartment costs in Baku ?

When it comes to prices for renting an apartment in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, several key points play a role. Renting an apartment in the center of the city will cost you about 800 AZN, while if you rent in suburbs it will costs you about 300-400 AZN. Of course there are such factors like, the number of rooms, availability of the internet, distances from nearest metro station and all.

Rent an apartment or buy a house ?

The biggest dream of people staying in rented apartments is to have their own house. But their low income makes it difficult for them to realize their dreams. Because they don’t have enough budget to buy an apartment. Especially when the ev alqı satqı is booming in Azerbaijan this years. When it comes to buying an apartment with a loan, it seems risky to many. Staying for rent or a house with a loan? I wonder which one is more profitable?
The rent of one-room and equipped apartments in Baku is around 250 AZN. If you pay 250 AZN rent every month, at the end of 25 years (250 x 12 x 25 = 75,000) you will pay 75 thousand AZN to the landlord. Moreover, it is a non-refundable amount.